For those who know me, I am a planner. I have ones for the current months and then I have the ones that are already made for the next year.  I am the optimist as for getting the TO DO list off of my plate.  I don’t like to have things to be hanging out there with e TBD date but, that is all that I have been doing with the pandemic going on. Even the safest people that I know, they have had or known someone who has come down with the virus. The good thing is that most of them have been mild cases.

I have found this transparent post it notes that are from Office Depot and I absolutely love them. They let you see anything below so you can put arrows…etc. on them to make the note stand out. I have a few of the colors. They have them in yellow, pink, white, and orange. It can really dress up your planner for sure. If you have not tried them out, they are really inexpensive.  Now to put more stuff on my calendar?