The power of a referral. It is nice to think that we all give and take the time to make referrals. There is never enough time in the day that this really does happen. Do you refer them on ethic? Merit? Or actual product? A referral can grant also rapport between each party. I find that people want referrals but, then they have not actually worked with me. I can’t honestly give a good referral without that experience. It needs to have something to back it up with. And words just can’t do that honestly.

The other thing that I do think that needs to be done is referrals that are done not only in email but, on the phone. The voice is a powerful thing. You can get the inflection that someone is telling it like it is or whether it is not a true evaluation of the situation.

Make sure you write down all of your questions for the person who you are doing a referral for. Making sure that you have covered any queries that might come when someone asks. You want to be honest. Most people won’t include people who would not give those good reviews but, it is necessary to have a decent mix in there to make it fair for someone to make their own judgment.