It used to be that when someone would post an image and they would get honest critique. In the world of Photoshop and major editing it is hard to tell what a good image is and what image has manipulated so been much to be the initial image isn’t even what it was intended. The art of the image and the conception used to take hours and days to prepare. Now with the digital age, objects can be just dragged and dropped.

With that being said, I implore models to take the time and read their modeling releases. Most of them have notations on the images on what editing and manipulation can be done. It also should read that images that are given to the model can be used for their portfolio use. I can’t understand the conversations that I have had where a model just tells me that she got a verbal OK. That is not OK. That also won’t hold up in court. Nothing is worse than to hear that an image got sold off of a TFP shoot. Or that the images got used for questionable purposes.

There is a concept or an idea that the photographer or the client has in the beginning to then book the model. It do0es take some planning to do. Be patient. The images that are taken after that amount of planning and preparation will be breathtaking.