A few weeks ago, I had to put one of my cats down. I had never had to put an animal down before. This was a first and I knew then why I had not been there or done it before. I was heart wrenching. You fight for your animals. They are part of your family.

I had a coworker who also recently lost her family member as well. It was unexpected and sudden. This cat was young and even with the short time that they had had her. She had made such an impact on the family.

Healing time is always hard. You can’t put your finger on it on how long it will take. I still call out for my cat. I sometimes find myself putting down food for her or ice in the water dish just like she liked it. My other cats are grateful for the other attention. I have not ignored them but, embraced each day with them even more.

I wish that there was a clock that could rewind time. I want those moments that I had with her back. I want to make sure that she knows how much we wanted to fight for her to live another day. I wanted to not be selfish but, she left such a hole. There are no words that can make things hurt less. You just have to know that the healing time is there. And that with all of the great memories that you have, cherish those.