It used to be when you booked a shoot, there was a ton of communication. From the concept to the final run through, there was talk, calls, texts, messages, and even snail mail involved in getting a shoot complete. There was soo much back and forth. I finally had to make a booking outline just f the fact that I was not able to go back and forth as much on things when you are booking a ton of shoots in a short amount of time. If someone needed a certain color dress and then changed it, you wanted to make sure that you had allotted for the change and gotten the right dress.

The other part of communication is right before the shoot. There needs to be a confirmation 24-48 hours before any shoot. You can’t just assume that the shoot is on or that everything is in place. You know what happens when you assume! It never ends up as planned. Another thing is to communicate when you are on the way to your assignment. Traffic, running late, and other instances can cause you to be late. You need to convey that to your photog, agent, or stylist. If you are a no show – no call, I bet you won’t be called back for any new assignment in the future. Be professional.

Also get it in writing! I always seem to have the ones who want me to book something over the phone. I want something in writing. Why? I need to know that we are on the same page. Also to know what expectations are being noted for the shoot? Some people like to change things up at the shoot but, again if you are unprepared or unaware that this might happen, you won’t have the right mindset for it. Take notes. Each shoot could be your own class to learn on how to make it a better experience next time.

Over communication is not a bad thing. You can find that when you over communicate on things that you actually learn more about the assignment. That might make you more valuable. Time to communicate.