In the modeling world, there are many people who post looking for advice. I have given out so much free advice, I have made a company for it. I stopped giving free advice. I also found out that people were not grateful for me telling them how to make more money or how to learn from the mistakes that they had done in the past. I really want people to do well. I want someone to again tell me that it worked for them. It is amazing when the communication gates open what can actually happen.

Is our communication so lacking hat we can’t make a simple gesture to one that has assisted us during a situation? A reply, never the less I think it the way to keep that communication line open. Regardless of whether the relationship has been altered, changed, or terminated, a small reply can speak volumes.

I had recently helped someone with a resume and application. I then had items disseminated by this person and she told me on how things were wrong. Not really telling me the reasons on why they were wrong, just that they were wrong. Odd enough I have felt the urge not to reply to her most current email asking for help. I did not want to put myself in the situation on where I had to defend or get defensive. It did not have to end up being this way but, with her answer, I don’t see how things can change.

If you shoot with someone, thank them for the shoot. Thank them for the opportunity. If you get a referral, thank them for that. There are Thank You notes that are out there. Use them. In the clutter that comes in the mail, all of the mass texts, and emails, it is nice to get Thank You. Try it and see what happens.