Remember being a kid and just doing things. No instructions. Also no worries about what might happen. It makes you have that invincible notion going on. You can conquer the world or so you thought? Right? Modeling is kind of the same thing. It changes all of the time. There is some form to it but, there are also some parts where it is and will be fluid.

With the new age of social media, more and more models and photographers for that matter are reaching out to people through that form of communication. Less models have websites. There are more guys with cameras = GWC. Changes are happening more at the shoot than expected. People are not who they say that they are. Catfishing on models or people pretending to be that model is rampant.

And here you are and thinking you know it all. You don’t. I don’t either. I find that the minute that I think I do, there is something more that I can learn. I find that I chat with more models who are at the two to three years in, they have been so popular in the last few months so they don’t think that they will ever be bored. Then the assignments slow down. The have to rebrand and try not to burn as many bridges with the ego that they have acquired.

I have found that the bridges that I burned were thankfully not that many but, I also know that the relationship can never be saved or reopened again. I let the ego of the status of the times get the best of me. I honestly thought I knew it all and did some of the stupid modelish things. I over flirted. I tried to get more out of a person on a level that I am not even sure I was comfortable with. I wanted the challenge. There is always something to learn. There is never a time where we know it all.