Models tend to have the most interesting relationships with their own families. They either are much supported with the craft that they have chosen or they have been labeled the black sheep of the family. It seems that no one understand this business. It is a business regardless of what genre of modeling that you go into. Even the adult business is still a business.

After listening to many models in my day, hearing that they would get into the industry, get their fifteen minutes of fame and not know what to do with it. I had to decide that I did not care. Not about the relationship anyways. I base my other company on the fact of caring for the safety of models and to make sure that they are staying par for the course. The personal aspects of the modeling complexity, I had to just not get into it or worry about it. It was for them to figure out.

I hope that models take the safety issue seriously. It is one of the bigger topics win the safety groups that keep popping up around the internet. Who is safe and who really just did not click. We all can have a bad assignment. We all can have those instances where we would rather be ironing than being at the shoot that seems to never end. Regardless of the shoes, you have to know when it is time to really care and when it is time to walk. Take another path and make it your own.