I recall the movie “You Got Mail”, the greatest thing was that you were getting a message from someone. Hopefully you were expecting it but, never the less it was a message to you that was sent to you. Now emails are spam, chores, and then the annoying ones that really just don’t make a whole lot of sense. The art of the letter writing is not like is used to be.

The tone of the emails has also changed. They were once more or so I felt more friendly. Putting emotion into an email really did take some skill and practice. This is when you learned that if you had put things in all CAPS, it meant that you were yelling.

I wish sometimes that we would be able to put more personality in the emails without having to put an emoji in there to make sure that we got our point across to the other person. Without being on the end of the email when it is received it is hard to figure out on whether the person receiving the email will get it as it was intended. And back to emails I go. Let’s see the ones that I get now.