I can usually get along with everyone. I am usually the one who tries to find the good in every modeling situation but, there are those times when the two of us just do not click. It is an issue that occurs as if you mention it to someone else, who knows if they will have the same experience.

There are several modeling safety groups. They are amazing. They have moderators who are just trying to make sure that models take the information that they are given to be safe. They then can make their own decision on seeking to work with that individual.

With that being said, please take one step back when making a post about a model, company, photographer. You never know who will be reading it or really how your message will be received. Posts usually get posted in the heat of the moment. Usually when someone is pissed off or something did not go their way. Communication in this area is so very important. Even if you have to over communicate, just communicate. Have a discussion, then come to the conclusion. Do not jump to conclusions. Make the time to learn from the experience. Less bashing.