I hope that everyone had a great holiday! It was one here that was full of getting to events, planning events, and getting in touch with friends that I have not seen in some time!

I have been really busy with things and I apologize about not being on top of my postings here. I am finding that there are more and more instances of internet bullying and shaming that are coming to light in the modeling business! It is a shame that this is happening.

This is why My Modeling Boot Camp is always looking for new people who are going to be professional and help local models in their area. I can not stress how important making your modeling business a business. Safety and knowing who you are shooting with is key. You never want to be that one that lands in a position that you are unable to get out of. If you are a photographer, hair stylist, or make up artist and would like to become a part of this team, please email me off of that site.