Ugh. I have to say that there are times when I hate waiting for images. I hate being the one who tries to contact and make a follow through on the emails. It is one thing to drop the ball but, then another thing to drop off of the side of the earth. To me it is just unprofessional. So if you are one of those who do not communicate well, please do not try to work with me as all I am going to be is frustrated with lack of communication. Life does get in the way. There are emergencies. We all have them but, if you never tell anyone about them, then all we get to do on the other side is assume. And that never ends well. The best thing to do is to put an auto reply on your email or even make changes to your voice mail. I as well as other models will just quit calling, emailing, texting, and definitely stop referring any business your way. This goes both ways – Models please do take note. The time is now to raise the bar and learn modeling as a business. It will do wonders for your portfolio, your rapport, and what assignments come your way.