The sacred information. It has come up that people have been leaking information from groups that have been noted as for informational purposes only. I can not understand what people are thinking. I know that people are worried about reputations but, again this information is to be used with caution.

I posted a query about chaperones and safety this week. This brought up the age old debate on what is correct and what is standard. I heard from various photographers and models on this post. Some of them wrote out some long thought out posts on how they felt about the subject. I think on caution side. Each shoot and situation can be different. You can get a bad vibe from an email. You can get a great vibe from a text and then at the shoot, not get the same vibe that you had before.

Safety! You need to take all information that you have about the person or company that you are working for. You have to rely on that to get the conclusion that you are looking for. I am happy to say that I have a great safety team and some great chaperones that are available in various parts of the US. If you are in need of one or want to ease the tension if you are taking one to a shoot, please let me know.