I have heard more and more about shoots where a model who wants to try something goes ahead and shoots it with a photographer whom she has no rapport with and that they really have nothing invested but, time with the model. Then the images get leaked to whomever. They get put on the portfolio sites or even leaked to coworkers. I am not sure why there’s not a contract with these images like you would have with any of the other ones. People are giving trust to anyone and everyone.

I have had those shoots when you walk away and wonder. Where are the images going and did I cover all of the details of the completed shoot. Everyone thinks that they have been prepared for it and never the less, sometimes you are not ready to foresee what happens afterwards. I recall one instance where I was blindsided on where some of the images went to. He said that they would help with my career. I laughed as that was not the path that I was looking to go.

People are taking their word and relying on it heavily. It is called a lie for a reason. I am not sure why we believe everything that we hear. When we give in and give that trust, then we have given something to that me seems sort of sacred. Like references, there is no one who is going to give you someone who would give them a bad reference. Ask the questions. Get to know who you are working with. It might be a one-time deal or might culminate into something that is long term. Again do the homework.