There is really never enough time in my day. I can honestly say with the little amounts of sleep that I get, I need more time. I find myself not just trying to keep up but, trying to make sure that I have everything done. That is always the question is, could I have done more?

The one thing that I hate doing is following up on something that I didn’t see myself following up on. I hate the chase. If you want to work with me and there has been conversation about it, I can’t see me trying to move around my crazy schedule just to have you waffle back and forth on things. Please understand that yes, I know that things happen. But, if I do not hear back from you then there is a loss of interest I think on both parts.

With that being said, I am working on the April and May calendars. I am excited to be having some new images and contacts that I will be working with. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know.