I enjoy working with new photographers and models. One of the models that I had worked with years ago found some of the old photos that we had shot together. It brings me to thinking of more themes to work on for updating my portfolio. You have to have some imagination.

I find that the new models that come into the modeling industry look great. They just don’t have much of an imagination when it comes to shoots. They bring the same wardrobe to every shoot as well as do their makeup the same. They also end up doing the same poses that they have always done. I just don’t see how this is helping them or the photographer in the long run.
A models time in the industry is getting shorter and shorter. I don’t find a lot of models who stay in it and continue to model for a few years. They have some bad shoots and they get tired of the drama. I get that. It happens. It is like the office politics that you just can’t get away from.

There is a list of themes that I am looking to get back to. I am hoping to get most of them knocked out in 2018. From artistic to fetish to professional, it all has some planning to get done. So who will come and assist me in getting some new images up on my portfolio site?