There are so many models who I hear from on a weekly basis. I love them to death but. They end up telling me stories that just sound unreal. The train wreck has begun. You ask yourself if you would ever land in that position. You hope that you never do.

The main one that I find out is that they work with a photographer, they have not communicated as well and then they shoot something that they regret later. Or that they agree on one pay rate and then change it later. It all needs to be in black and white before the shoot gets started. It is one thing to be uncomfortable in a shoot. Maybe you have that one outfit one that itches like crazy. It is another thing to be in a shoot and just not be in the mood and then the images end up looking like crap.

The other thing that I run into a lot is when models who are on tour, budget for getting more money in and they go spend it. Or they have gone out the night before. They are trashed and then can’t get to the shoot to get paid. It is a mess to say the least. One, make a budget for your road trip. Confirm and let them know that there are cancellation fees due to you might not be able to book another shoot during that time frame. Limiting your means to get in the train wreck mode. You always want o be proactive and not reactive.