I have to admit. I have been preoccupied with everything else but modeling and moderating. I have been moderating a few of the Atlanta and Georgia modeling groups, I have to say that there is some major drama going on there. It used to be that people would post on the modeling forums and threads and it was a bit calmer. Now it is just busy as to how many people post the same thing. I am not sure if they are really wanting to get more assignments or if they are just working on branding their name. Never the less this past week, I had to take a step back.

I wanted to refocus on what I also made my model mentoring company on. I wanted to help models who were just getting into the business to assist them to make their experience a memorable one. There are so many models who get started and they get direction from the photographers who turn into their managers. Usually that does not end up doing well. They really need to know about vetting their own photographers, companies, and the like to make sure that they know what is going on at the shoot. Modeling is not just posing. It is much more than that.

The other thing is that people get so aggressive in these modeling groups. There are no in the gray comments. It is either that they hate the image or they love it. They either want to work with you or they want to tell the world on why they don’t want to work with you. There is very little room for thin skin to say the least. I asked a model who seemed to have an issue with someone’s comments and she sent me a message back saying to “leave her the hell alone.” And so I did. I also removed her from the group as I can’t imagine on what she would be saying to someone who was not out to help her in the long run.