There are all kinds of relationships. The ones that you have that last a lifetime, the ones that pass without much fan fare, and the ones who you wonder why they were in your life in the first place. I love the fact that I have had some really great friendships over the years. The ones that I know if I need to pick up the phone, they would be there for me.

I think that also in becoming a great friend you have to be one that listens. That I think is a strong trait in being a good friend. Things are not always one sided. Things are not always what you want them to be. Respect the others opinions. The fact that most of my friends and I can have a decent debate and still remain friends, I think is a great asset. It only brings the friendship bond closer.

With that being said, I see the arguments that get posted online. They are brutal and out there for everyone to weigh in and take a shot at what they should or not be doing. The name “keyboard warriors” has been coined out of this. You won’t win an argument with them online. It just would take too much effort.

There are times, I felt that I wanted to get involved and then other times when I just wanted to watch on the sidelines. Now it the time to make those moments and those actions count. Learning from any mistakes is an accomplishment.