I have been seeing a lot of back and forth between models and photographers and some of the comments I know are based on ego. They are not based on experience. The arguments on whether something should have been continued or the way that the lighting is, really is up for any interpretation. You can have the concept and it go off without a hitch. Without the public knowing the concept, sometimes it comes across as being more of a test shot than an actual completed one.

We are critical of each other in ways that is borderline bullying. We don’t ask more questions and see what the other side is thinking or whether the comment was taken in the manner in which the sender sent it.

Not taking on brand new models or photographers has always been a debate on this as no one wants to waste their time. I say this as I have worked with several new photographers and the results have been quite mixed on the final images. Some of them I am able to use and others well not so much. But then I have made another connection. Sometimes you really do have to take a step back and check the ego at the door.