Interesting. I have had a couple of tags in posts that I have found my name being used or mentioned as I am “friends” with them on FB or some other form of social media. With the numbers of friends that we seem to acquire, I don’t see how anyone can really know all of them and also be responsible as for their code of conduct. I find sometimes that the guilt by association is a little hard to swallow as do you really know someone? Also of course they can be one person online and then another person offline.

Before you judge someone or want to warn them, please make sure that you have all of your facts together. There is nothing worse than the wrong information or information that is based more on emotion. This can get anyone party in trouble. Take the time and ask the questions. It will make more sense then. Even better…pick up that thing that you keep using for all of your messages and use it as the primary intention it was in the beginning. Make the call. The answers that you get may surprise you.