The past couple of weeks were kind of scary for me to be honest. I had an episode where I nearly passed out on the way to the office. I found out that it is classed as a complex migraine. It mimics the symptoms of a stroke. Yeeks! I went into the doctor’s office with a blood pressure of 160/100! I felt helpless and was scared of what would be found. They asked me if I had any stresses lately. Hum, not really, I had a headache over the weekend but, nothing that I would have to set me of as an alarm.

I then wondered is inadvertently that some of the news and the reactions that I had been watching over the last few days had played any into the role of my health. I wanted to think not. I had been reading in the past few weeks where a model had taken herself off of her tour due to health concerns. She was grateful for everyone who she had worked with but, had to take some time to get better. It really is time to unplug.