More and more we post on social media. We want people to know where we are and what is going on. As being a model this can be great as you can show off your new images but, it can also be dangerous. Please don’t put all of your personal information out there on social media. If you have to make another page, just add you family and close friends on it.

The more information you put out there the more you are setting yourself up for theft, stalkers, and other incidents. This just can end badly for everyone involved. I had seen where someone had wanted to play a game with her friends and basically asked those about 30 questions. It was amazing on who all answered and how much information that they gave out to people that they did not even know. It was scary to think that I knew that much about a person just from one post.

Take the time and figure out on how you want your social media presence to be. Figure out your audience and make it professional. You can put your opinion on there don’t get me wrong but, if you rant enough, you will come off as a complainer, that will limit you being hired. Just take the notation to keep yourself safer than most.