I recently got a text from someone who I have known for about 30 years. I have had my falling out with them over and over and for some reason, I keep letting this person back into my life. I had mentioned to this person on what I had been happening in my life. The roller coaster of life is what I call it. I thought I would get a little bit of sympathy but, I didn’t. I got the information on how well that person was doing. How their life was perfect.

I got an email from a photographer who I had worked with a long time ago. We had one shoot and that was ok. It was nothing that I would have written home about. It was just odd for this person to message me out of the blue and expect that we were going to be best friends. He had clearly made it known that he was not going to pay me for any modeling. To me that was not worth my time as I had enough time for prints shooting lined up that I did not need to add him to the mix.

I did not want to angry at either of these instances. I just wanted them gone. I wanted my past to go back to that. Just being the past was going to be to me a lesson learned. I did not need to rehash things. I had to digress and really wonder if I should have been angry for them to be saying what they had said. I also had to wonder if they even cared about the situation that I was currently in. I just wanted to close that chapter and then again put it in where it needed to be, the past.