I have had to start my own Spring Cleaning. It is called “Spring Cleaning” as we change out the wardrobes, get the crap out of your life. I had to let go of a few “friends” I call them that as I am not sure that they would ever be there for me. They seem to like to argue with me more than support me. I thought of trying to make those relationships work but, in the end, I found that they were costing me more energy than it was worth. I was tired of being made to feel inferior. I also was tired of trying to rationalize my feelings to them. I thought that it would be more of a debate than a knock down drag out argument.

I am always revamping and re-branding myself. I find that when someone gives me a challenge I am wondering if I can handle it. It can be a little intimidating! I sometimes like the outcome with the images taken. Sometimes I just chalk it up to experience. It was a pleasure to work with a lot of people who can help someone who is outside of their comfort zone. If they can help create new amazing images. Then that is just icing on the cake.