\I have had to put down two cats this year. One at the beginning of the year and the other just recently. I have never had to put a cat down or an animal in my life. One had cancer and the other had feline aids. They both were part of the family. One was with us for five years, I think and the other for about fourteen. For some reason today was hard for me. I wanted to wish them back. I truly wanted to be selfish.

They had been in a small pack of four cats. All different ages and most of them tolerated the other. Watching them roam around the yard or the house to claim their spot. Each of them marking their mark. Not only on that place but in hearts as well.

Two of them are left, they really don’t get along. I wonder if one of them still misses her counterpart who passed recently. I haven’t even yet picked and urn for this latest one. I can’t find one that I think would due her and her life justice. The both fought the fight till the end. They had been given and used all of their nine lives.