There was a post a few months ago about how many people you have had in your circle of friends that have stretched over a decade or more. I actually printed out my address book, all hundreds of pages of it, and found that I have quite the list of people who I still keep in touch with. Maybe not the first boyfriend but, a lot of the past coworkers, I have usually checked in on here and there. I never want to burn bridges unless I really had to. That I went into in my previous post about letting go.

I think that could be a good challenge as to who you have actually kept in touch with and why. Are they great friends and who would be there for you in your time of crisis? I know we have some amazing people who helped us when we had our devastating flood in 2009. I can’t imagine trying to do that all again as there was so much to do and all of the stuff that was ruined! Maybe take ten people a week and try to reach out to them and see how they are doing. Just to see. I know that everyone posts what they ate on their social media! It would be a more intimate conversation as you ask how the dinner was. With over a few thousand contacts, I guess I better get busy and see what people are up to!