For modeling and for most things, there needs to be a plan. If you just throw things together and hope that they work out, if they do, then that is a blessing. But, if they don’t you wonder why you have wasted the time? I love the people who contact me and want to set up a shoot in a matter of short messages. You have to go over all of the details. You have to figure out the plan.

Getting things together is a lot. From a stylist, to the client, to the location, to makeup, to anything else needed to execute the event, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I have an amazing list of people, talent, and companies that I have been working with for years. I am glad to assist people in their shoots but, I am also not going to put in all of the leg work and not get credit for any work that has been done to make your assignment a success.

I have put a new location assistance finding booking outline on My Modeling Boot Camp site. If you are needing assistance in finding a location, please let me know.