When you say one thing and mean another. When you do nothing when you meant to do something. It is all in how the perspective of the event, shoot, or life is done. I do not understand why some people just think that other can drop everything in an instant, esp when they have not talked to them in weeks or months. Makes me wonder.

I am saddened with the bus accident that happened in Chattanooga. The holidays are right around the corner. I can not imagine what those families that lost or had their children hurt in this crash are dealing with. Life is really precious. It can end in an instant. It puts life into again perspective.

I have been looking at some of the posts that some stylists and models are posting. I wonder if they really understand what they are or can be doing to their career with posting the negative comments, images, and just very opinionated views. You can make a difference with taking a step back and rereading your posts. If you are angry, upset, or just mad, take a second and then post when you have again taken a step back. We all have made some rash posts and when you think of who might be reading that and only that.. will that cost you a job? Interesting. Again it can all come down to perspective. xoxo