The last few weeks have been emotional. They have also been draining. It has been a few months since I learned that my beloved cat has cancer. It is devastating. She was a present to my family back in 2004. She is older and her health was not so good, so we decided to get her checked out. I had already had to deal with the loss of a cat with feline aids earlier this year. I again have never had to put a cat down. I don’t think that I have cried as much as I had then. This time I just am hoping that we are doing the right thing and keeping her alive as for her quality of life. Not trying to be selfish but, we of course would like her to live forever.

I have noticed in the times that we live, we are burying more family members. Not just animals but, siblings, parents, relatives are all passing around us. They say you can’t take it with you but, then what would you take? I am not one for prayers but, if there was a God to pray to, I would more like to ask the question on why these people are leaving us too soon?
Celebrities you heard of leaving us in life usually have some dramatic story. They have lived in excess, abused their bodies, and never lived in the “real” world. Then you hear about the tragic struggles that some of them have had. The ones who have hid their pain and who end it just so that they don’t have any more pain. The people that are left behind have questions that will never be answered.

I guess I don’t want too many answers. I just want my cat and my other love ones to stay and be well. Is that too much to ask?