Where does the time go to and where is the white out? I write this as I sit here wondering about how things are supposed to go and be planned. I had all of my journals ready to go and then, life happened. It was not like I wanted to have another time of silence and nothing new to put up but, again I just did not have the time or the energy to get it done.

I also moderate quite a few groups. Which in itself I have had to scale back on as I was getting to invested in the subjects and trying to help them follow the rules. Trying to keep the fights to a minimum but, make it a very good growing group that could be one of the best in the city. I think that I have accomplished that even with stepping down from two of them. The owners and I did not see eye to eye on some things. I also don’t believe that politics need to be brought into the group.  Nor do personal matters. Those just turn into a he said, she said circus.

Fall is about to be here. Crazy as it is in the nineties here. I kind of want the cooler weather. I also wished I was not in a pandemic so I would have had a beach vacation in the last few months. Granted I know so many who have gone and had a great time. I just preferred to have my own staycation. It worked for me and my sanity.

Speaking of. How is everyone holding up? I keep reading on my social media on where all of these people are going to the hospital. This is not just for the pandemic, this is just on the average day emergency that I see images that I think would be on a medical show! Hoping that things will calm down before the holidays.  Crossing my fingers.