I had someone ask about my sleep patterns one time. I had to laugh. One night I will be up until the beginning of the morning, then another night I can come back from the office to crash before the sun even sets. I find that when there is something great going on, there is adrenaline flowing, I can always make myself stay awake to finish or get the booking done. If you have watched my tweets, sometimes there are ones that are posted at one or two in the am. I wonder myself looking back on how I have could do it for so long. I am excited to see what is around the corner. Stay tuned as they say for more information.

I had a photographer who I was supposed to shoot with on a couple of occasions. I emailed and texted him on various occasions to confirm. Then less than twenty-four hours prior, he cancels. This does not only happen to photographers. You hear about the flakes who never show up or who never want to confirm. They only are there to flirt and maybe get an image taken of them. It may be a double standard but, I find that professionalism needs to be across the board regardless. Everyone has precious time that they have taken out of their day to make your shoot happen. It is the right thing to do to either decline the assignment right out of the gate if you are not interested or you might offer a cancelation fee to this party as they might not be able to book anything else in the time that you have cancelled. It is time to raise the bar in this instance. We shall see what happens with the new crop of summer photogs for shoots that I am setting up. Wish me luck.