When you hear about the people who are being fired due to sexual allegations and harassment, I tend to wonder on why the sudden again all of the allegations are coming to light. Some of them are more recent but, some of them are from decades ago. Not saying that they are not valid BUT, sometimes I am not sure if all of the facts are being laid out there for everyone to investigate.

The police tapes on where the suspects get shot. The body cameras that are turned on and off in an instant. The moments that are missed because they are in the blind spots. Are we going against the innocent until proven guilty?

I have had instances that I guess could have been questionable behavior that occurred. Guess I never thought of trying to ruin someone’s reputation. It was never rape. It was the insensitive comments, the hands that wandered, and the ideal that they thought that things were okay to do when they were not. I finished up my assignment and then went along my way. Not everyone clicks when they work together, regardless of physical attraction. If someone asked about a reference, I would be honest. I would voice a concern but, it is up to each model to do their homework and find out if they would take on the assignment or shoot.

It is one thing to think that you can ruin someone and in this digital age where everything is online and happens in an instant… it is another to do that actual thing. Please remember the lacrosse team that was accused and then the accuser recanted and said that she had made it all up. We can all tip toe around the elephant but, it will always be in the room.