I recently had an inquiry about an assignment. I was semi interested in it but, then it was in the worst grammar. There were no real sentences. There was no real information about the shoot. It was basically like ” hey ya wanna shoot?”. It felt like a person walking into a court room with flip flops, shorts, and a tee shirt.

I was about not to reply at all. I know that in any business that it is one of those things that it is professional to decline an assignment so that when one what suite you better might come along from that same person. I doubt that will happen in this case. I had to formulate a nice decline in an email and go from there.

Sometimes it is best to be moving on. You can keep a log on who you have talked to. You can keep a list on the ones you are not sure about. You can also make a list of the one who you are hoping to be able to work with. You just have to know when it is right to move forward and move on.