I have been in the modeling business for decades. When I recently posted a post on FB and asked about how long models had been modeling, it was always the responses that were usually less than 3-5 years. It was astounding. I wanted people to know that if they played their cards right that they would be able to model for a long time.  Making that rapport, those connections, are priceless.

Photographers to me were posting longer time lines but, then some of them had just started and they were acting like they had been shooting for years. The discussion always comes up as to when you can call yourself a professional or when you can ask to be paid. It is a back and forth debate. And everyone has their own opinions. The reality is that if you run your modeling business, you make the decisions on what and how you want to run your business. The only thing to me as modeling really needed to be in any phase treated like a business. I wish that more people respected the work that it takes to book a shoot, make a theme flawless, and then come out with the amazing photos at the end.  It is modeling reality.