Life is too short to not take chances. We hear this line every day. This week I find that it really is true. There is a lot that we take for granted as we take in each and every day. I turned on the TV today and learned about the active shooter situation in Ohio. These instances are becoming the norm. People are taking lives in an instant. In an instant, life changes.

My challenge to those out there is to take the risks that you would not normally take. Step out of the comfort zone to make those memories. You might be a little scared, you even might think that you might fail but, then if you don’t take that leap, who knows what will happen.

I am taking on this challenge with some new goals for the end of 2016 and then 2017. There are going to be some major changes coming soon. I am excited to share some of them with you guys! Thanks to everyone who has also been there for me in the last few weeks, it has been quite of a mess .. right??

I am also always looking to take on a challenge with some new shoots, new assignments, and new promotions. If you are in the Southeast, please let me know if you have one of these that I would be a fit for.