There are not too many things that leave me speechless. Events in the modeling industry just make you numb to parts of it. I learned this morning that a friend with cancer has been move to in-home hospice. That her pain was unbearable, her breathing labored, and mobility compromised. Once I had heard it, I just wanted to cry. Not just because it was sad but, because every time you saw her, she was never focused on her cancer. She always asked about how you were doing first. She, her husband, and her son are the strongest people I know. I don’t know them as well as I would have liked but, you know in today’s day and age, the time passes, the schedules get full. You know that now looking back, you needed to make the time.

You always do a life revisited thing when you hear about someone who is in that condition. You think about how you can change your life and how many times you took a chance or had a regret. You would hope that you could be as strong as they are. That you would put up that fight that everyone would be proud of.

There is a not a whole lot that I would change with how my modeling and my life has gone. I recall the morning of the flood and fire at my home in 2009. I thought that it was over. I thought that the world was done and that within an instant what I had treasured would be destroyed. I had some amazing friends and family who immensely helped in the recovery months. I still look back ad know that it might have been a turning point.

My journal today is that life it too short. You might not have the time right now to drop everything and get it done. But it would be something that you can make a goal. Get in touch with some of the people who you have not chatted with and see how they are. Maybe even just to say hello.