Yep is has it’s ups and it’s downs. The thrill of the image that you have created and then to possibly to have it published. I have had more success with having such a great rapport with my photographers, models, and companies that I have worked with. It is he nature of the business that you can watch models come onto the scene and then they drop off the side of the earth. They have huge goals that they want to achieve really fast. They never seem to get them done as they fall for scams, take images that are not what they are looking for but, it is the quick pay day, or they land in other trouble.

One of the things that I have learned as a model is that you have to have a game plan. You have to know that people will not have your best interest. You have to get that very close group of friends who you can trust. You also have to listen to your gut. There are tons of people out there that will try to take advantage of new models. You have to be the investigator and find out the intentions. Stand your ground.