2017 has really taken off. I was able to have two amazing shoots with two fave photogs last weekend. It is such a pleasure to have worked with them. I shot some glamour with James of Atlanta. I shot some themed images with Scott Gibson, this was concepts that I had not shot before. It is amazing what type of images you can get when you communicate. I highly recommend working with either of them.

The month of February is going to be very busy. I have five weekend dates already full! That is huge! I only have two more dates that I can book shoots! Are you interested? If you might be .. please email me a booking request so I can get you on the calendar! March is of course also in the works for bookings. I have one date already booked. I am sure more are to come. I am hoping to add some new images to the mix every other month. I want to thanks everyone who has booked a shoot so far. For those who are coming into town.. and wanting to shoot, please email me in advance for a schedule. I am very limited on booking anything during the week. Thanks in advance!