Day 3 – When you can take the hangars off of the clothes but, they stay in one place in the closet, that I think is pure talent. Okay maybe it is a small clothes hoard. I always think that I am going to wear it… right? I have the rule of thumb and that I never wear an outfit more than once for a shoot. It just makes sense.  Now for the shoes that is a very different story.

I think that the higher that the heel is that it is a right of passage. You can or if you can walk in 7 inch or higher heels that shows that you have balance. Or that you can fall gracefully. Colors, sizes, patterns, boots, heels, platforms, there are way too many shoes to have.

Okay having to find the wardrobe for the shoot that I have coming up. Getting all of the outfits and jewelry and shoes together. It is like going on vacation. You always feel like you are not having something so you pack some more. It just ends up being looking like you are moving into the space and not shooting there for a few hours.