Blocking! To block or unblock? Once you have had your tiff with someone and you have somewhat grown as an adult, can you really truly unblock and move forward?   I used to get so upset about the messages and posts that I would see that maybe were about me and some were not. I thought I had said what I needed to day. In some cases, I even apologized but, still got raked over the coals per say to have my name even if it was not directly mentioned dragged through the mud.

I look at my block list every now and again. I see names that I am not even sure why I blocked them. Maybe it was a post from someone else warning me about them.  Maybe it was someone who I just thought would not be a good fit in my modeling world. And before they came in and made it toxic, I had stopped it before it even started.

I thought I had made some decent friends but, we all know that friends are or the term is only relative. When you are truly in a bind you will know who you can really count on. And that was in real life. I tend to hold loyalty pretty high. I would be there for anyone if I knew that they would be there for me. It really can be that simple.