I get on social media and again it is called social media for a reason. I look at these other models’ pages and posts. I wonder if they will be modeling in ten to fifteen years. I wonder if they understand really how much work it takes to be a model and make it in the cut throat world of modeling. Regardless of whether you are printed or not, just the bashing of egos, ideas, and constantly being told that you are too old, not the look, or some other excuse to make someone else feel better.

I find a post on where a model has been missing or another has committed suicide.  This is the new norm. I hate it. There used to be a lot of empowerment and support for each other. Now it is all finger pointing and keyboard bashing. I have been on the other side of that. It is again something to be said for someone who can bash you on the internet but, if they had the chance to your face, would they be as successful?

Is there a real hierarchy to the modeling business? Some of us are with agents, some of us are not. Some of us do this full time while again the others do it when they have some spare time.  Do years of experience give someone the right to give more advice? I used to think so as the new or I call them newbies, seem to wander through postings and wonder why they can’t get booked. Throwing up the most recent selfie and having the nose and ears added. Hum is that such the professional touch to make you look cute and get booked for the editorial of a lifetime?