Shooting day. I got enough sleep for the evening. I didn’t really want to get out of bed. But the assignment calls. I text the photographer with again confirmation on the shoot, time, and when I will be on my way. I can’t see why more people don’t give out this information. Location shooting is one of those beasts where you def need to do that. But then the excuses come out of the woodwork. Phones get turned off and then people get stuck with nothing to do but, guess to know what happened.

I never want to get to a shoot and take forever to get ready for the first shot. When a studio has been paid for, time really does equal money. I have seen models who come in and stand for hours in getting things ready. Get out of your house with the basics on. If you know you have a makeup artist, then great, but if not don’t waste time. It just is rude.

Running through poses. Hearing the click of the camera. I hope that they turn out ok. Maybe I should not have had that cookie last evening. Yeah right. It was chocolate chip! That was not going to happen.  Models do eat. And we eat in public no doubt. The rule of the skinny model who looked like she was going to break has kind of gone by the wayside. I am happy about that. People need to be healthy.

After a few hours of shooting, I am tired. Glad to get home, shower, and crawl into bed. Onto another day!