Is there an actual thing called model or photographer hoarding? I used to think not but, then recently I have seen where there are these cliques of models and photographers who just shoot in that ring and no one else seems to be invited to the shoot. I think that it would rather limit you to what you can do or perhaps not. Wil be interesting to see what happens to them down the road.

Went to the nail salon today. Nothing major but to get some polish slapped on the toes and nails.  I usually end up where I have time but, not having being loyal to a specific salon. I end up talking to the others who are in there. All of us trying to figure out on how to relax and get the other things on the day done. It is very nice to know that my life is not as chaotic as it always seems. At least while I am there it is that way. Checked some more emails. Responded to some calls as well. I love when my brain is running at 100 mph and I am just wondering on how I can stay awake for the next fifteen minutes. Time to wrap this day.