Been thinking about my friend’s family today. She has been going through such a rough time with watching her mom and dad go back into some major surgeries. I don’t even know how she does it. I know that it is hard to see a family member get diagnosed with anything. Then not knowing what is going to happen or if this thing or pain can come back. She is quite the rock of that family. I am glad that things are going very well for them so far. I can’t imagine what they are going through as you know that the doctors have a language all of their own. I usually need a translator for what they tell me.

Another family that I knew just lost their dad. He had lived a long life. He was relatively healthy until the last few years. Funerals no matter who they are, are just sad. You know that there is a someone who is now missing. The stories that I heard of him were so vivid, you felt like you were back on their trips or around the dinner table. It is another harsh reality that we are now going to more funerals.

I always have that time of refection. I had always thought that I wanted to be buried in some elaborate way. Now I would be happy to be in a Tiffany box with some nice flowers.  Have to get moving. Have to get living.