Emails and texts are the worst when it comes to having any type of emotion. I love them as you have things in black and white. There are no discrepancies but, when you have this kind of communication, there is always room for error.

I recently had a situation with a photographer/ friend ( I thought ) . I am not going to go into the whole she said he said. That is not even worth the paper or letters. I had to rebut a comment that was made. In the sending of that email I got three and I do mean three quick FU emails back, telling me on how wrong I was and what was this going to accomplish. I waited to compose my email a good 12 hours after the last communication. I needed to process what was being said.

I think that there is something to be said about writing with and without emotions. You really have to think about how it will be received. Regardless with whatever happens to my incident that happened. I have learned in the past that yes, you will burn a few bridges in the past but, then there is the issue that you have to pic the battles that you want to fight. In any case, you need to write, email, or text when you have calmed down.