I stared at my phone and I was not even sure what I was trying to make it do.  Oh yeah. I was going to make an actual phone call with it.  I laugh as I have so many apps on it, I forget where the darn dialer is! When I get voice messages or texts, I wonder if things would be better done if they were on an actual voice phone call.  As once you have sent that text or voice message, you sit there and wait. If you would have called you would know if you were going to get an answer right away.

I tend to have a crazy schedule. I seem to always stress myself out to try to and do as much as possible. This is where the invention of that dry white out is amazing for me. I end up using it everywhere. I can’t seem to not have things over lap right now. I know that it is not a good thing to do as then you just find a time and just crash. Those are the nights that you just come home from work, eat dinner, and you are in bed by 8 pm.

With that being said I have postponed assignments due to virus but, also just due to my schedule being as nuts as it is. I want to give people my full attention. When I can’t that just makes things worse. So bear with me these next few months as I am sure that things are just going to get crazier.