A week or so ago, I felt run down. I felt like I had no energy. I hated it as I really did have a lot to do. I thought I would give myself some energy with one of those drinks. That was not a smart idea as then it lead to a blood pressure incident that was one for the books. My head hurt and my heart was racing like I just had been scared by the monster of the century.
I had to scale back a few things. I had used to be up at all hours finishing up emails. I was also finishing up anything else that had to be done. My social media was full of posts that were from around the 3 am time frame. I was told I needed to get more sleep.

I have been getting back on track with things and never thought that this was an issue before. Apparently it was more of an issue than I had thought it was. I am grateful for everyone who has booked me for an assignment this year. Next year will be more planned out for sure. If you are looking to book me for an assignment, please get me to send you a booking outline so I can get you on the calendar.