I am not sure if you remember where you were but, I recall the moment that I heard that there was a terrorist attack in NYC. I was actually watching the videos of the news coverage. It just makes you catch your breath all over again. You remember wanting to get a hold of your friends, loved ones, and anyone else who could be in that area. I also remember the one video that in the mist of all of the chaos, the organ music was still playing.

I was also watching the one video of the picture that was labeled The Falling Man. The picture is just one of those that you just can’t imagine on what was going through their minds as they took that last step out of the windows that they had broken out.

We lost friends, we lost families, we lost … and then we had to get back up and fight back. I then worked at an ink company who did the ink for thousands of patriotic shirts. They ran out of red, white, and blue ink. Never forget.