There are facets of modeling that most people never talk about. They are not the glamour images or the ones which are in magazines. They are the ones who are in the adult or the fetish industries. People think that they want to shoot them, they wonder if they can push their limits and get the desired effect.

It can be one of those amazing shoots what ends up going horribly wrong. If you are going into this facet of the industry, check your references and always take a chaperone/safety consultant with you. If one is not allowed, then there should be NO shoot. Case closed. Also go over any limitations and key movements to get attention that you are not doing OK. Most photographers who shoot this type of work know what to look for and it is fully discussed beforehand. Don’t go into this kind of shoot blindly.

Life is too short to be injured on a shoot. Especially when it is something that can be prevented. Take the time and plan it out. You can enjoy the moment to be captured without it leaving you at high risk.